Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

These rugged two-stage pumps include all the features needed — long life with minimal maintenance. A built-in anti-suckback valve isolates the pump from the process during power interruptions, and keeps oil out of your system. Gas ballast valves are incorporated for pumping water and other vapors that normally compress to saturation during the pumping process and contaminate the oil. These well ventilated, cool running pumps minimize oil backstreaming and thermal degradation, resulting in a lower cost of operation. The positive oil feed system affords optimal pump lubrication, allowing greater tolerance for oil level changes and the use of a variety of fluids to satisfy diverse applications. The design of the pump is well known, and the pumps can be maintained by pump repair organizations around the world.

1.8 cfm50 liters/minute3 m3/hour


3.5 cfm100 liters/minute6 m3/hour


5 cfm140 liters/minute8.5 m3/hour


7 cfm200 liters/minute12m3/hour


14 cfm400 liters/minute24m3/hour


21 cfm600 liters/minute36m3/hour


28 cfm800 liters/minute48m3/hour


35 cfm1000 liters/minute60m3/hour


53 cfm1500 liters/minute90m3/hour


64 cfm1800 liters/minute108m3/hour