Aluminum Conflat® Flanges

The VRC Aluminum Conflat® Flanges use a tempered 6061 aluminum knife edge and dead soft aluminum gaskets to give a leak tight seal for hundreds of closures.

Less Outgassing Than Stainless Steel

Up to 2 orders of magnitude less outgassing from aluminum compared to stainless steel. A bibliography of 70 peer reviewed papers about outgassing compiled by M. Wong at Fermi Labs can be found at:

Mate Directly to Stainless Steel Conflat® Flanges

The bolt circle, number of holes, threads, flange diameter, etc. are the same as stainless steel flanges, and mate directly to stainless steel flanges using aluminum gaskets.

Metal Bonnet Seals

Our standard bonnet & hub seal is Viton® but metal seals are available. Kalrez® is also optional.

Rotatable Flanges

Rotatable flanges are available on one or both sides of all valve sizes. Our rotatable flanges have through holes. Our fixed flanges have tapped holes.

No Hydrogen Outgassing

Aluminum valves and flanges are not saturated with hydrogen as stainless steel is and therefore do not add hard to pump H2 background to your system.

Fast Pumpdown

VRC aluminum valve bodies are not cast. The internal surfaces are smooth extruded or machined aluminum and pump down at speeds comparable to stainless steel.