Stainless & Aluminum Vacuum Valves

Round port and rectangular port valves in aluminum or stainless steel. Gate and angle styles with port sizes from KF-16 to 900 mm; 1 inch to 36 inch. ANSI, ISO, JIS, or Conflat® flanges. Manual, pneumatic and motorized actuators. 250,000 cycles standard. Million cycle available.

Valves for a Variety of Applications

Vacuum Research valves are in use worldwide in semiconductor manufacturing, physics research, chemical purification, and vacuum equipment manufacturing Our valves are integral components in a variety of systems, including ion implanters, accelerators, cyclotrons, electron beam welders, vacuum furnaces mass spectrometers, space simulators, and optical coaters.

Fail Safe

All Vacuum Research Valves can be installed for fast close on power failure and air operated valves can be manually positioned without air or electricity.

No Leaks

All Vacuum Research valves have total leak rates of less than 2 X 10-9 std cc/sec. By total leak we mean that each completed valve is tested in a Helium filled bag.

Responsive Service and Support

Our salespeople, engineers and technicians are available at our factory Monday through Friday, most Saturdays and sometimes even on Sunday for consultation, equipment specifying or parts ordering. Because of our unique design, most problems can be fixed without removing the valve body from piping. If you have a need to return a valve to Vacuum Research we will repair, refurbish at our factory in Pittsburgh, PA and return it, all you need to do is call for an RGA number and send us your problem. . . we’ll take care of the repairs and testing for the price of the parts and a nominal labor charge.

Proven Products and Design Innovation

Vacuum Research was one of the pioneer companies in the high vacuum industry when we introduced our vacuum gate valves in 1953. Although our early patents have long since expired our product development effort continues. Many of the products we offer today such as our totally dry roughing pump and wide range gauge are truly state of the art technology; more importantly everything we ship is state of the art in quality and reliability. As you try some of our components on your systems I am confident that you will be pleased with our quality and our service. We hope you will give us a chance to show you how good we can be.