High Vacuum Gauges and Controllers

Vacuum Research manufactures Pirani, thermocouple, diaphragm, and convection high vacuum instruments from 10-5 Torr to 1500 Torr, 10-3 to 2000 mbar, 10-3 to 105 Pa. These compact vacuum measurement and control instruments offer the precision and high resolution of digital electronics at the same price as analog instruments. Indicators feature large easy-to-read green LED displays. Controllers operate two control relays with set point values adjustable from the front panel and displayed on the meter. Push-to-set switches simplify display of set point pressures.

Variety of Styles

Vacuum Reseach offers most standard instruments in either 1/4 DIN or 2.75 inch diameter enclosures. The 2.75 inch diameter enclosure fits the same panel cut-out as Hastings, Varian, Televac and other analog meters. Mounting hardware is included. Additionally we offer transportable models, instruments with large character or bar graph displays, hand held gauges, rack mountable mult-channel instruments, dual range, and integral sensor models. If your needs are unique — call us, we may already have some ideas on the style that best fits your application. If we don’t now — we will after we talk. Many of our instrument models evolved from custom designs to meet the needs of our customers.

Torr, Pascal, mbar, Microns

All of our vacuum instruments can be provided with displays and analog outputs reading directly in Pascal, mbar, Microns, or Torr. It is easy to specify calibration. For example, to order a gauge calibrated in Pascal simply add the suffix “Pascal” to any of our gauge part numbers. There’s no extra cost and all specifications other than the unit of measure are the same. The transducers and gauge tubes used with the different calibrations are identical and do not require any suffix.

Possibly the World’s Best Gauge Tube

Vacuum Research’s gauge tubes are matched and can be replaced without recalibration. They have been tested to 1200 psi and can withstand working pressures to 300 psi. Internal volume of our standard tube is only 0.78cc. Tubes are available with any flange style: NW, NPT, Conflat, VCR. Our tubes feature all stainless steel stem, cup, and optional stainless steel pins — no plastic! Also available are high temperature and high pressure tubes as well as a variety of baffles, traps, and accessories to protect your tubes.

2 Year Warranty Parts and Labor! On All Vacuum Instruments

The Vacuum Research vacuum instruments include a 2 year warranty that covers all parts and labor FOB Pittsburgh, PA USA. Vacuum Research gauge tubes and sensors come with a lifetime warranty against leaks. These warranties do not apply to instruments, sensors, or gauge tubes that have been subjected to misuse or abuse. Filament or diaphragm failure is not covered by our warranty.