Indicators and Controllers

These compact vacuum measurement and control instruments offer the precision and high resolution of digital electronics at the same price as analog instruments. Indicators are vailable in a variety of enclosures and styles: bench mount, battery powered. self contained, dual or multi-range. Our indicators can be mounted directly on the sensor or located up to 500 ft from the measured point. The display features an easy to read backlit face and we offer large digit models or an optional LED display. The Vacuum Research Dual Set Point Controller operates two control relays. Set point values are adjusted from the front panel and displayed on the meter. Push-to-set switches simplify display of set point pressures. Relays have 3 Amp contacts, form C, and have screw terminal connectors on the rear of the instruments.

Both the indicator and the controller instruments are available in either 1/4 DIN or 2.75 inch diameter standard enclosures. The 2.75 inch diameter standard enclosure fits the same panel cut out as Hastings, Varian, Televac and other analog meters. Mounting hardware is included with both styles.

Possibly the World’s Best Gauge Tube

Our extremely rugged sensor is constructed with a solid, inert, noble metal that maintains its calibration over long periods. Because no gold is used, these gauges are compatible with both mercury and oil pumps. The low 125 oC operating temperatures in our Pirani type gauge tube (half that of thermopile gauges), enhances stability as does a unique temperature compensation network. Vacuum Research’s gauge tubes are matched and can be replaced without recalibration, and they can withstand working pressures to 300 psi, tested to 1200 psi. High Temperature and High Pressure Tubes can be used with any of the Pirani instruments. All stainless steel tubes are available for outdoor applications or wherever the use of 304 SS is appropriate. 1/8 inch NPT, KF-16, Conflat, VCR-4 and special flanges can be provided.

Variety of Styles and Enclosures

Pirani Gauges are available in 1 to 2000 mTorr, .01 to 100 mTorr, .01 to 20 Torr in a variety of styles and enclosures. Features include analog output, accuracy better than 5% of the range, and 0.3 second time constant response time.