0.5 to 1200 Torr, 1 to 1500 Torr and Wide Range

The Vacuum Research Diaphragm Manometers are compact vacuum measurement and control instruments. The sensors are available with either 316 SS or pure silicon diaphragms and any sensor can measure liquid or gas pressure as well as vacuum.

Response time is less than 400 milliseconds for full scale and sensors are available with a variety of flanges including 15 mm, VCR, and KF-16. With any sensor, these instruments offer the precision and high resolution of digital electronics at the same price as analog instruments. Both indicator and controllers are provided in 1/4 DIN or standard cylindrical enclosures.

The Dual Set Point Controller operates two control relays. Set point values are adjusted from the front panel and displayed on the meter. Push-to-set switches simplify display of the set point pressures. Relays have 3 Amp contacts, SPDT, and have screw terminal connectors on the rear of the instruments.

The Vacuum Research Wide Range Manometer uses a fast response diaphragm sensor to provide high accuracy measurements that are unaffected by gas composition from 2 to 1500 Torr. At pressures from 2000 mTorr to one mTorr the easy to read green LED display is driven by a rugged Pirani sensor that is mounted in the transducer next to the Diaphragm sensor. The Diaphragm and Pirani sensors are both mounted in the same transducer body, and the diaphragm sensor is easily replaceable in the field.

Unaffected By Sensor Orientation

The Wide Range instrument uses a transducer body machined from a solid block of stainless steel and, unlike convection gauges, our wide range gauge accuracy is not affected by the transducer orientation or gas composition. The 1200 Torr sensor heads offer a stainless steel diaphragm with a variety of flange styles. The 1500 Torr instrument offers sensors with Stainless Steel or a Silicon Diaphragm.