ANSI Flanges; ISO & Special Flanges Available

Vacuum Research angle valves offer ANSI flanges standard. ISO and special flanges are available for virtually any application such as flanges to match diffusion and cryo pumps.

High Conductance Round Opening

Vacuum Research’s large port design introduced over 35 years ago. provides exceptionally high conductance. Port sizes to 24 inch ANSI or ISO 500 mm.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Vacuum Research has been building high vacuum valves for almost 50 years and has earned a reputation for world class product quality and customer service. If you are not satisfied with your Vacuum Research valve just send it back.

Long Life

More than 250,000 cycles for aluminum valves.That’s one cycle every 2 minutes, 24 hours/day for a year. An optional million cycle design is available.

Vacuum & Pressure

Vacuum Research Valves stay sealed against positive pressure in either direction. Seal and open with up to 3 atmospheres differential pressure.

Roughing and Gauge Port

There are six locations for optional gauge and roughing ports and a variety of flange options are available.

Position Indicators, Limit Switches

Two reed switches activated by a magnet inside a pneumatic actuator provide closure for open and closed valve indication.