Throttlemaster™ Valve Operation

Click here for Throttlemaster™ animation to see gate movement away from seal surface. At 100% open the valve port will be totally clear. There will be no butterfly plate or iris components to limit conductance. Pumping speed and evacuation times will not be affected. As the Throttlemaster™ moves to 90% closed, the gate has moved only .036 inch (0.9 mm) from seal surface. Use the left and right arrow keys to control the gate carriage movement in the animation. Please be patient as animation loads to browser window, it can take awhile.

3 Position or Downstream Control

The Vacuum Research Throttlemaster™ valve with positioner can be used in either of two control schemes. As a 3 position valve for upstream pressure control with an MFC, or for downstream pressure control with modulating gate position. For 3 position control the basic Throttlemaster™ consists of two components: an aluminum or stainless steel gate valve and a positioner/indicator to drive the fast response servo motor. This is all you need to operate the Throttlemaster™ as a 3 position valve in systems where the mass flow controller is controlling the pressure.

The Throttlemaster™ can also be used for downstream pressure control where the gas flow to the chamber is held constant and the Throttlemaster™ gate is moved to control conductance of the pumping system. This requires the use of a PID pressure controller to provide a signal to the valve positioner and a vacuum gauge with a 0 to 10 vdc signal to the PID controller. These may be purchased from Vacuum Research along with your Throttlemaster™ Valve and positioner or you may be able to use your present gauge and controller.

For Any Sputter or Plasma Etch System

The Vacuum Research 3 Position Valve System was developed for use on sputter, plasma etch and other vacuum systems where it is desirable to reduce pumping speed to conserve gas and simplify pressure control. By utilizing the high vacuum valve for throttling the cost and maintenance of mechanical conductance controllers is completely eliminated. Even in the full open position all conductance controllers restrict pumping speed and this restriction can now be eliminated.

Angle, Rectangular and Gate 3 Position Valves

The precision 3 position system can be provided on Vacuum Research Angle Valves, Rectangular Port Valves and Gate Valves with end-operated linear actuators. It is suitable for valves with port sizes from 2 inch to 24 inch, ISO-63 to ISO-600. The system can be provided on either aluminum or stainless steel valves.

Vacuum & Pressure

Vacuum Research Valves stay sealed against positive pressure in either direction. Seal and open with up to 3 atmospheres differential pressure.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Vacuum Research has been building high vacuum valves for almost 50 years and has earned a reputation for world class product quality and customer service. If you are not satisfied with your Vacuum Research valve just send it back.