50 Years Experience

Vacuum Research has been welding and machining alu- minum as part of our vacuum valve business for almost 50 years. With aluminum now replacing stainless steel as the material of choice for many vacuum processes the need for custom aluminum weldments is growing and Vacuum Research is available to help. We can provide nipples, mani- folds, elbows, load locks or just about any aluminum vacuum component needed for your system.

Any Flange Style

We can provide both fixed and rotatable flange styles with bolt circles to match ANSI, ISO, JIS, CF and NW specifica- tions. Both heated and water cooled pieces are available.

No Leaks

Our years of aluminum welding experience provide leak free joints in material up to 1 inch thick and beyond. Of course, prior to shipment each piece is tested and certified leak free by our assembly technicians.

Fast Quotations

Our equipment can handle orders for one or two pieces or for hundreds of pieces. Send us a sketch, drawing, or Auto- CAD 2002 file for a quick quotation.