Silicon Diaphragm Wide Range Transducer, VCO-8 female fitting [902146-MINI-FEM]


Mini Transducers with Silicon Diaphragms: The new Mini Transducers operate with all models of the Vacuum Research Wide Range Manometers regardless of date of manufacture or range of calibration(use with Torr, mbar or Pascal units). Transducer body is 304 Stainless Steel. Pirani gauge materials include 304 SS, platinum alloy and glass to metal seals. Diaphragm sensor is 304 SS except for a pure silicon metal diaphragm. Transducers can be used with any of the Standard or Auxiliary Outputs units calibrated in Torr, mbar or Pascal. Replacement sensors for both the diaphragm and Pirani side of the transducer are available.

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