30″ Hg to 10 Bar Six Set Point Controller [902090]


The 30 inches Hg to 10 bar (150 PSIG) six set point controller is designed for pressure quench heat treat furnaces. This diaphragm vacuum and pressure gauge covers the entire range from 30 inches Hg to 150 PISG. The instrument includes six (6) independent set points which are adjustable over the entire range; each set point drives a separate relay. Each of the six relays has SPDT contacts rated for 3 amps @ 115 or 220 VAC non-inductive. In addition to six on/off outputs, this gauge also provides a linear analog output for interface with PLCs, PCs or other data acquisition systems. This output ranges from negative 300 millivolts at 30 inches Hg, zero(-0-) at atmosphere and 1.5 volts at full scale 150 PSIG (10 mV/PSIG). Unlike thermal or ionization type gauges these instruments are not affected by changes in gas composition. Enclosures are available for transducers located in hazardous areas including Class 1, Groups C & D, Division 1.

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