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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 05 January, 2008.

    Gauge Tube Calibration Manifold, Manual Actuator

    Price:  $437.00

    Gauge tube calibration manifolds are a perfect way to make sure that you�re "working gauge tube" (sensor) is performing to specifications. Total failure in a gauge tube is easy to detect but the most common issue is gradual shift in calibration due to contamination. The working gauge tube is always open to the system; the reference gauge tube is left in the manifold isolated from the system. When you wish to compare the readings simply disconnect the gauge tube cable from the working gauge tube, connect to the reference gauge tube and open the isolation valve. This system protects the reference gauge tube from contamination and pressure bursts that the working sensor is subject to. Standard manifolds have 300 series stainless steel bodies and NW-16 ports for sensor(s) and system connection.