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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 24 October, 2007.

    Auxiliary Outputs Unit 10-5 to 1000 Torr, 115V

    Price:  $1,204.00

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    Wide range gauge with auxiliary outputs(10 -5 to 1000 Torr), 4 set points and 2 analog outputs; 0 to 10VDC & 4-20 mA for the 50 mTorr to 1000 Torr diaphragm range and for the .01 to 50 mTorr Pirani Range. Cabinet similar to the standard unit but taller, suitable for bench and panel mounting. Built to CSA standards. Line cord and 3 meter(10 ft) transducer cable included. A transducer is required and must be ordered separately.