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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 February, 2007.

    1 to 1200 mTorr Integral Sensor with 1/8 in NPT Male Thread

    Price:  $288.00

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    Pressure Range: 1 to 1200 milliTorr (.001 to 1.5 mbar optional) calibration: Air or Nitrogen. Accuracy: Better than 5% of value or +/- 3 mTorr, whichever is larger. Analog output: 0 to 1.2 Volts into 2000 Ohm load or higher. 2 pin connector included. Materials: Wetted parts 300 series stainless steel and platinum alloy. Power: Gauge operateds from 15 to 24VDC less than 200 mA. an external wall mount supply is included with each instrument. 90 to 240V. 50/60 Hz input and 15 VDC output. Temperature Effects: Changes in Ambient temperature between 0 C and 50 C change the reading less than 0.2 mT per C at 50 mT; less than 4 mt per C at 900 mT Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 C (32 to 120 F) Maximum Positive Pressure: 50 PSIG Mounting: Sensor and display in one integrated package. Mount directly on your vacuum system.

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